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3-Point Value System of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Saturday , 17, April 2021 Comments Off on 3-Point Value System of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

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The organic food space has grown exponentially for the numerous benefits and values they bring. However, still, many people fail to recognize the whys of preferring natural and organic produce over regular food. While organic refers to forgo the use of pesticides, chemicals, and anything toxic, here’s how it adds more value than regular food.

Value of Flavours

While conventional farming may bring better tastes to the table, organic agriculture allows for healthy flavours. Comparatively, organic food might not be as attractive as non-organic one, but it packs better balance and nourishment. In turn, organic farming helps keep the soil healthy than the conventional soil filled with chemicals and pesticides.

Value of Health

Foods coming out of organic farms carry a higher percentage of nutrients and antioxidants like enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. On the contrary, conventional farming doesn’t match these numbers. With better nutritional content, organic fruits and vegetables are known to cure several allergies and disease risks. This transforms into substantial cost savings in the long run as you would need to spend less on doctor visits and medical expenses as you fall ill less often.

Value for Environment

Pesticides and chemicals used in conventional farming contaminate the soil and groundwater and destroy natural environmental health. Animals and insects feeding on these sources then transfer the toxins to other parts of the environment and the food chain. On the other hand, organic farming cuts down on all such negative impacts, leaving the environment healthy.

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