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About Ransomware Protection Guide

Wednesday , 23, February 2022 Comments Off on About Ransomware Protection Guide

In the last couple of years, you might have seen an appearance brand new and very dangerous kind of computer threat known as Ransomware. According to Kaspersky, the computer is affected by ransomware in just 10 minutes! 

How does this ransomware function? Let's spend a few minutes to look at how it gets into your computer then what the virus does following that.

Stage 1: Infection

Ransomware typically attempts to infect your system in two different ways. The first method is to infect Email attachments. Another method of introducing ransomware to your system is through affected or compromised web pages. Many agencies provide cybersecurity services. You can also find a reputable company to get a ransomware attack security service.

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Stage 2: All destruction is released

When it infects your computer, the first thing that ransomware will do is examine your computer and any external storage device for files that are crucial to you. 

Stage 3: Ransom Demand

When the ransomware completes its dirty work and it encrypts all files dear to you, then it pops up with a ransom notice. The letter explains to the user that their files have been encrypted and that to unlock them or restored them to the order they were in before and allow access to them again you must pay an amount of ransom.