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Activities To Do With An Early Stage Dementia Patients

Wednesday , 1, September 2021 Comments Off on Activities To Do With An Early Stage Dementia Patients

Every day, a dementia patient experiences confusion. They may lose interest in many activities during the initial stages of dementia. They might just want to be left alone.

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3 Fun Games for Seniors with Dementia Improve Quality of Life DailyCaring

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They are still social creatures. They want to feel useful and needed. Although they may forget things quickly and struggle to control their emotions, they still desire to find something meaningful.

These activities can be facilitated by a dementia caregiver, and you may also participate with your loved ones. You could give your help to children if you have them.

These are some ideas:

Create a Treasure, Hunt.

It's as easy as finding a flat container, such as a cardboard box, or a child’s swimming pool, and some treasures (coins or small toys, for example). You can also use sand to bury the treasures for children to discover.


Although you may view the dementia patient as someone who needs help, there are many things they can do for others. They can place bread on the plates of soup, plant trees and flowers in a park, or wrap presents for families that are less fortunate for the holidays.

Watch a concert.

A dementia patient could sing or play an instrument and perform for their family or friends, or for residents at a nursing home. You can help them choose a piece they know and practice it.