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Adding a Seasonal Touch With Holiday Lighting Design

Saturday , 28, November 2020 Comments Off on Adding a Seasonal Touch With Holiday Lighting Design

Holiday lighting design comes in two forms: eye-catching and elegant. We all know an eye-catching Christmas lighting plan when we see it: it's the cluttered yard in a chaotic mess of cheap inflatable snowmen and a house hidden in a rainbow of conflicting colors. However, with the right Christmas lighting, outdoor lights are an easy way to add a unique, seasonal touch of Christmas atmosphere to your home and garden.

As each property has a different landscape and each owner a unique taste, a specialized Christmas lighting contractor will ensure that your home inspires onlookers with a graceful sense of the Christmas spirit, rather than blinding them. If you are looking for the best Holiday lighting in Lake Geneva, visit

Landscaping with a seasonal lighting plan

Like flower beds in spring, holiday lights are a seasonal landscaping technique. As with a flowerbed, any seasonal lighting plan should be viewed as an extension of your landscaping plan, not a landscaping plan perse. 

With that said, with a professional Holiday lighting design your Christmas lights will work to accentuate the strengths of the exterior and landscape of your home. Landscaping and the home should remain the focal point, not the holiday lights.

Accent with custom holiday lights

If your landscaping plan focuses on a grove of unique trees or a boutique garden with a white gazebo, your Christmas lighting plan should accentuate these features. Your plan should incorporate the placement of lights in the trees and around the gazebo to create a shadow-like silhouette of these items at night.

Does your home have a large window that frames the perfectly decorated Christmas tree? Then your plan should accentuate this feature with single-color lights that enclose the window and draw the viewer's attention to the tree.