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Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea

Thursday , 16, January 2020 Comments Off on Amazing Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is minimally oxidized so that the original purposes of the leaves are still green and lighter flavor. Black tea, on the other hand, is highly oxidized, which is why he has a sense that more bite. Green tea can arrive at a number of packages – bags, loose, and even powder.

You also may find green tea in bottles and cans in the supermarket in your population. Green tea diet supplements are also available for you to take in tablet form. You can drink a cup of tea that makes you happy.

What is EGCG?

One of the beneficial compounds in green tea EGCG. It is a plant-based material, also known as flavonoids that are connected to the health benefits. These compounds are antioxidants by nature and can help to reduce the effects of environmental stress on the cell.

What are the health benefits of drinking tea?

There are many health benefits associated with drinking tea at least, they are considered health benefits because few studies have supported them. You may want to consider the idea that the Japanese people have consumed green tea for centuries and even with high smoking behavior, they have one of the lowest incidences of cancer.

Happy Tea Mixed Berry

Here is the benefits (reported) health that you may want to consider:

1) Decrease the threat of certain cancers – lung, stomach, throat, etc.

2) Reduced tumor growth

3) Reduce the buildup of plaque in the mouth

4) Improving the health of the gums

5) Improve memory

6) It may decrease the incidence of Alzheimer's

But what does the FDA say?

However, the FDA is not as certain about the benefits of tea as a consequence will not support this statement. There are several reasons for the fact that those who drink tea may not actually receive the benefits of green tea itself, but rather of their lifestyle and habits.