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Awareness About Breast Discharge

Tuesday , 7, December 2021 Comments Off on Awareness About Breast Discharge

Breast awareness is vital for women of all ages. What changes should you be aware of? What is normal and what changes should you discuss with your medical practitioner? Nipple inversion is where the nipple turns in on itself, in essence instead of pointing outwards it is now pointing inwards, hence the name inversion.

Many women are born with inverted nipples and this is quite normal and not something to be normally concerned about. However, if a nipple changes direction or inverts itself at any stage, then you should consult with a breast specialist. You can book an appointment with a breast cancer consultant via

After breastfeeding has stopped, or if you are on certain prescribed medications, a milky discharge can be expected. It is advisable to monitor and discuss with your doctor if this continues, to ensure there are no underlying issues.

If you experience a greenish or yellowish discharge, this usually indicates blocked milk ducts. It is advisable to seek medical advice as soon as possible; normally a course of antibiotics will be prescribed and should clear up the infection.

Any time you experience a blood-stained discharge, it is highly advised that you contact your doctor as soon as possible, to have this discharge examined as soon as possible.