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Basketball Hoops For Elementary Age Children

Saturday , 12, March 2022 Comments Off on Basketball Hoops For Elementary Age Children

Basketball is a popular sport for elementary-aged children. This is when children really begin to learn teamwork and compete. This is an excellent time to teach children how to win and lose. It is important to teach elementary kids basketball skills by making sure they have the right size and height basketball hoop. 

Many gyms have basketball hoops that are 10 feet high. You can buy the best in-ground adjustable basketball hoops via for your kids. A lower hoop is needed for elementary kids to be able to learn the skills required to play. A lower hoop will allow them to make simple baskets.

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Basketball hoops suitable for elementary-aged children should measure between 6-8 feet tall. This provides a challenge, but it's also realistic. You should also reduce the size of your backboard. This will allow children to learn how to rebound and shoot on a properly proportioned hoop. For children aged 5-8, a good size backboard is 18"x12" and 24"x16" for those in the upper elementary.

The rim size is the same for elementary-aged children. However, the ball size should change. Little hands will be frustrated if they are playing with an adult-sized or high school ball. It is important to inspire confidence in children as they continue to learn and practice basketball. 

Children should move from a toddler basketball hoop made of heavy-duty plastic to one that is more durable. One option is front yard driveway hoops. These systems are still mobile and can be adjusted in height. A wall-mounted hoop is another option.