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Benefits of Implementing EDI to Your Business

Wednesday , 22, January 2020 Comments Off on Benefits of Implementing EDI to Your Business

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange, software that enables the transfer of information or data between different companies through the internet or Value Added Network or VAN. VAN is a provider of a private network that can be rented by the customer. VAN service is a special service to help with EDI. You can also get to know about EDI implementation via

As software, EDI is becoming increasingly useful for companies that use the internet. This allows business enterprises to buy, sell and exchange information with ease and comfort. It can do a lot for your company, such as manage and view data, communicate with the ERP system and your trading partners, translates EDI format to make them easier to use, handling various formats of EDI standards, and convert EDI data and code.

EDI is like an import/export/ system in your own company system. In over-managing and viewing EDI data flow, this allows you to monitor the flow of communication to and from your application. This is synonymous with Enterprise Application Integration, however, in Electronic Data Exchange, it is more focused on external integration.

Thus, you can see what is in and out of the software, how files from EDI are translated and send error reports via email. Having many trading partners requires different methods of communication with them. You can expect Electronic Data Exchange software to handle this problem because there will be an appropriate communication method for each trading partner.