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Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Friday , 15, April 2022 Comments Off on Benefits Of Massage Therapy

As we grow older, our muscles and joints tend to become more and more stiff and sore. This can lead to a lot of pain in our everyday lives, which often results in an increased reliance on over-the-counter medications.

However, regularly visiting a massage therapist can reduce muscle pain and increase your flexibility with no harmful side effects! You can also get massage therapy courses to know more.

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Decreases Stress And Anxiety.

Research has shown that massage therapy can lower stress and anxiety levels, as well as relieve pain. For example, one study compared a 15-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage to a 15-minute relaxation exercise – both sessions were followed by changes in heart rate and blood pressure – and found that massage was superior at reducing both psychological and physiological stress.

Moreover, the effects lasted for at least 30 minutes after receiving a relaxing massage.

Improves Sleep

When we don't feel rested, we become irritable and find it difficult to be productive. And while sleep problems aren't always caused by stress (or vice versa), relieving stress can help us sleep better. That's where massage therapy comes in: A massage therapy session releases endorphins, which help you feel relaxed and happy.

The happier you feel, the more likely you are to enjoy a long and healthy night's sleep. This is great news for those who have insomnia or who otherwise struggle to sleep soundly on a regular basis.