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Benefits Of Wood Flooring

Thursday , 12, March 2020 Comments Off on Benefits Of Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring will last for many years. Having wooden floors increases the value of your home. You can even have a laminate wood, which looks like wood at a very low cost. To know more about ‘wood architecture and design’ (also known as ‘wood design og arkitektur’ in Norway lamguage) visit  

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Solid Wood Flooring – It is though attractive but can not be used everywhere. It must be nailed to a basement. This makes the solid wood unsuitable for use directly on concrete.

The trend seems to be for owners to buy wood flooring with a factory-applied polish. This eliminates sanding dust, smoke finish and wait until the soil can be trampled. Another advantage is that factory finishes are generally much harder than the polyurethane applied in the field.

The benefit of finishing after establishment is that you can have the floor colored to your liking. A professional finisher will bring out the natural patina of the wood with boiled linseed oil or tung oil.

FLOORS – The advantage of using the wood floor engineering is that it can be used directly on concrete or below. This product is available in strips, planks or panels that resemble boards. It can be nailed, but it is usually installed as a floating floor. This means that the pieces are glued to each other, but not attached to a basement. 

Almost all wood floor engineering is pre-finished and usually comes with the V-grooves mentioned above. Some can not be delivered because the plating is too thin. Others maybe – once or twice.