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Buy Best Raw Sea Moss

Tuesday , 19, October 2021 Comments Off on Buy Best Raw Sea Moss

Irish Moss, an incredible sea vegetable, is also known as Sea Moss. Although technically they come from different species, they are used in exactly the same way. This amazing seaweed has been used for hundreds of years to support many ailments. 

These include respiratory problems, bladder disorders, halitosis (bad breath), digestive disorders, glandular problems, swelling, joint problems, thyroid conditions, tumors and ulcers. You can Buy Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel Online or Raw Irish Sea Moss from Organics Nature.


The raw seaweed flakes are unprocessed. To make a broth, you can either boil the seaweed flakes in water or leave them to gel in the refrigerator. 

The Irish moss gel can be used in the following ways. As a cleansing and nourishing addition, add broths or smoothies .

  • It can be used as a substitute for vegan gelatin in raw desserts, and to provide texture and nutrients to jams.

  • Use eggs instead in vegan baking

  • Use to thicken sauces, and to add to dressings in place of oil

Our Irish Moss is sourced from an eco-certified region in France and then dried indoors* to retain its rich nutrients. Although similar species are found in New Zealand, they are not commercially available at a food-grade level..

To reduce overall plastic content, we have removed the zip lock from all of our bags. To keep moisture out, please use the reusable stickers we provide.