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Choosing Facebook Ads and Google AdWords Platform Is Great Idea for Your Business

Monday , 20, January 2020 Comments Off on Choosing Facebook Ads and Google AdWords Platform Is Great Idea for Your Business

Let us assume that the CPC's Facebook campaign is $ 1.00, while AdWords campaigns are five times more expensive with the CPC of $ 5.00.  But because Google is a very effective campaign that matches the exact search term, it has a conversion rate of 10 percent compared with up 1 percent.

For this example, we will say that the BPA for Facebook ads is $ 100 while the cost of the ads Google has only $ 50. If you are searching online for Facebook ad agency then you can take a look here H2O Digital Marketing.

Image Source-Google

The key to making the most of your marketing budget on this platform is to carefully measure ad performance. Happily, Facebook ads and ads Google both offer strong analytics to tail traffic and conversion levels.

Although Google ads often have a slightly lower cost per acquisition because it is so focused on customer search terms, this approach has limitations. Facebook advertising allows you to reach a wider audience, including those who may not realize they wanted nor needed products.

Both types of ads can pay off if you have the right data to run an effective campaign. For you will need Google ad keywords your customers are looking for and Facebook ads you should experiment with targeting a different market.

Your best maybe to try a mixture of both advertising channels and track the number and type of leads you get from each service. One way to get the most out of your marketing budget is to work with an online advertising agency, also known as social institutions media, mobile marketing agencies, or a digital marketing agency.