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Depressed? Should You Take Medication Or Receive Psychotherapy?

Saturday , 25, April 2020 Comments Off on Depressed? Should You Take Medication Or Receive Psychotherapy?

If you take medicine or go into therapy to treat your depression? Antidepressants are frequently the first treatment offered to people who are depressed. Managed care and health insurance companies prefer this approach because antidepressants seen as cheaper than psychotherapy. You can get to know about Silicon Valley therapy and counseling services via

Numerous studies show that the use of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and antidepressant medications are equally effective in treating depression. Importantly, due to the influx of drugs and side effects, the recurrence rate is higher among depressives treated with combined treatment than those treated only with psychotherapy.

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Therefore, most primary care physicians prescribe antidepressant drugs before they are referred for counseling or psychotherapy.  Like the rest of us, doctors tend to use the tools at their disposal and that they are trained.

However, both antidepressants and psychotherapy is an effective treatment for depression and the combination of the two is often more effective than either alone. Of course, at any given time, the treatment may be more effective than others for a particular patient. We still can not accurately predict with great precision the treatment will be effective for one person than another.

If you are depressed, remember that you can be treated by a psychologist, psychiatric social worker, psychiatrist or mental health counselor.