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Different Types of Dog Toys

Tuesday , 7, April 2020 Comments Off on Different Types of Dog Toys

Every dog or puppy whether young or old, love to play games. Some dogs like to play with toys too. Not every dog likes to play with the same toy around. Therefore, below we have summarized 3 kinds of toys most owners would buy for their dogs. Each toy has its benefits and the reason for its own use. Some toys are more than a dog toy – that can be used for teething and other dog toys can be used to keep your pooch healthy.

Plush Toys

These are made of strong fabric-like material and is usually filled and equipped with the small squeaker. Most of the plush toys resembling ordinary objects we use in our daily life and one that normally would intrigue dogs. Some of the common dog plush toys include shoes, food, mouse and the list goes on. More recently there has been a growing trend in designer dogs plush toys that resemble popular items such as i-pad, i-pawed and similar.

Latex toys

This is very good for dogs to keep them entertained. With an aggressive chewer dog, latex toys can keep them busy for hours and satisfy the urge to bite them. Latex toy dog besides keep gums and teeth clean and healthy.  In general, good for overall oral health

Rubber Toys

Similar to latex toys, can be used to satisfy an aggressive dog's chewing urges and keep the dog's overall oral hygiene in good shape. In addition to rubber toys like balls are heavier and soar, they can even be used to throw around to give your dog a daily dose of exercise. Last but not least, you can use the device as part of their training – taking exercise ball treat basis.