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Different Types Of Quality Inspection Services

Monday , 17, August 2020 Comments Off on Different Types Of Quality Inspection Services

Quality inspection is performed for checking, measuring, or testing one or more product characteristics and correlating the results to confirm compliance. Third-Party Inspection Service (TPI) is a business organization that will not be involved in any activities other than inspection and product testing. 

In quality inspection, a third party inspection company will send an inspector to the supplier's facilities, performing various types of inspections based on the inspection standard. You may get more information about the quality inspection services via

Quality Inspection Services

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Generally, there are two types of quality inspection services, and each corresponds to a particular step in the production process. This ensures that all engineering, design, and specification requirements are properly understood, accounted for, verified, and recorded.

Pre-Production Inspection 

Pre-Production Inspection tells the buyer what kind of raw materials (or components) are on the products. Factories are often suspected of reducing their cost by purchasing substandard materials and can be disastrous for the buyer.

During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection allows the buyer to consider the average product quality at the beginning of the production cycle. It is the most useful and lowest-rated device at the disposal of importers, who often rely only on final inspection.

This usually takes place in the factory once about 20% -50% of finished products have come out of the lines. If quality issues are found, what is already produced may be reworkable, and corrective action may be taken for the rest of the job.