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Different Types Of Tents Available

Tuesday , 5, January 2021 Comments Off on Different Types Of Tents Available

There are many types of surplus camping tents, each with its specifications. These range from the rugged, lightweight one-seat small backpack for camping to luxury family sizes with multiple bedroom options to accommodate large families for groups.

There are 4 main designs of surplus tents: semi-geodesic, tunnel, dome, and vis a vis. You can find affordable surplus tents via

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Semi-geodesic has 3 or more poles intersecting, creating domes with added rigidity. Check out the Outwell Hartford XL tent for a great example of this type of tent.

Tunnel style is a classic style made of tires that creates a tunnel shape. Tunnels are more popular with families because the tent style offers additional headroom. The Vango Tigris 800 is a great example of a tunnel tent.

Vis a Vis tents The main feature is the fact that the bedroom is at the opposite end of the tent and the living area is in the middle of the tent. Outwell Texas L shows off its Vis Vis tent properties very well.

There are also two types of materials used in making tents: nylon, polyester, and polycotton. Polyester-nylon is more commonly used than polycotton, but is durable and lightweight, and is coated with a DWR-resistant waterproof coating.

Polycotton is a much heavier and luxurious material which makes it even more comfortable and cozy. Also, it is very durable and has waterproof properties that DWR requires.