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Fastest Way to Get Kidney Transplant

Thursday , 19, March 2020 Comments Off on Fastest Way to Get Kidney Transplant

Have you ever heard of a paired exchange? It may also be known as a kidney swap. The whole process is fairly easy to understand and allows patients to receive a kidney transplant in a year instead of waiting for the traditional 2 to 4 years. You can search more details about kidney transplant via South Texas Renal Care Group.

Fastest Way to Get Kidney Transplant

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First of all, the patient needs a new kidney should have a family member or someone willing to give organs directly to her. It is called a living donor.

A perfect match would be the best scenario and they will be able to go ahead with a kidney transplant. Before 2008, if there is no match, that's it, no transplant. Now, there is hope. Potential kidney donors and patients approve everyone; will be included on the national list for a kidney swap.

The goal is for the patient and donor to pair with another patient and donor in the same situation. This is what a kidney swap is all about. The end result is the same: both patients get new kidneys and donors give one.

This process will open more doors and allow the more organ transplant to take place because if it will not happen without a match.

Sometimes it takes more than 2 donors to make it happen. At other times it takes a much larger chain. The record in the US is a chain of 23 kidney transplants involving 46 people occurred during a period of 2 months.

 I cannot imagine all the coordination required to make it happen. People scattered everywhere in this country. From California to New York along with Washington and Texas among the countries involved.