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Four Points of Living with Psychological Illness

Thursday , 26, September 2019 Comments Off on Four Points of Living with Psychological Illness

When dealing with a family member who has a mental illness, it's really hard if it's siblings, children, or spouse. In dealing with mental illness, there are four stages you can go through, sometimes it is in order, sometimes broken, and you can go backstage at any time.

Until you come to familiarize themselves with the stages and people with mental illness become familiar with them, it may seem that you are not in sync with each other. You can navigate Mental Health Interventions to explore more ideas regarding prevention from mental illness.

Stages are healthy and everyone in the family can be in a different stage, making a big disconnect in the family system. Phase more complex than what I will present here. The first stage is the Crisis / Chaos. Those identified may be in the throes of the disease. 

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The second stage is Denial, Grief, and or Anger. People who can be identified in these three countries-denials that there is anything wrong with them; sadness that they have this disease; anger have the disease and that there is no cure or here we come back.

The third stage is Acceptance. Individuals identified accept their disease process and know what they need to take care of them and have a support system that keeps them in check to let them know when they see signs of relapse.  

The next step is legislative support for the mentally ill, to support local and state governments, as well as at the federal level. There are many ways you can get involved in advocacy level and this is where support is most needed.