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High Pressure Cleaning – Its Benefits and Problems in Using It

Thursday , 4, June 2020 Comments Off on High Pressure Cleaning – Its Benefits and Problems in Using It

The Commercial Cleaning Services comes into the picture only when there is a need to clean areas that are very difficult to achieve and that can not be easily cleaned with a simple mop and duster. The commercial cleaning service providers implement a technology called High Pressure Cleaning. This technology is also called Hydro or water blasting.

A machine uses pressurized water flow and focus to the area to be cleaned. dirt is removed by the force of the water. Through this technology we can remove the paint from the walls and roads, artificial rubber, and sealants and membranes from the walls etc. If you want to know about Cleaning & Hydro-blasting then check this out


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High pressure cleaners used by commercial cleaning contractors of three types; high pressure water cleaning (using pressure 5000- 10000 psi), high pressure water jetting (using pressure 10000- 25000 psi) and ultrahigh pressure water jetting (using pressures over 25,000 psi)

Application of high pressure cleaning lies in cleaning the surface of large buildings, removing old paint during painting of buildings, highways, runways, parking and a metal surface, and clean up the historic monuments of old etc. manual methods others fail in this work because they can not deliver style produced by water.

The equipment used in this technology, especially various types of Rotating connected to long pipes supplying water. Other accessories that are used in cleaning pressure rotor arm, clean channel, the surface of the roof of the net and the net etc. These accessories attached to swivel according to the use. Special accessories for the boom, stick and air systems available in the market.