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How CNC Machining Is Used in Industry

Wednesday , 26, May 2021 Comments Off on How CNC Machining Is Used in Industry

As many industry insiders know, CNC machining is a widely used manufacturing technique that is becoming more popular by the day.

This is down to the production method's versatility and flexibility, which allows a vast array of components to be created on one of these computer-controlled machines. In this article, we will look at a number of different industries that use this technology.

First of all, the cars and trucks industries are both heavy users of CNC Controller Boxes. A large amount of components in the average family hatchback is made using this process of computer-aided design and manufacture.

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This can include everything from the metal interior switches to the petrol filler caps, to individual precision-crafted components of the engine.

It is the engine where this advanced technology is most useful. In the last three to five years, car manufacturers have been going to great lengths to ensure the fuel efficiency of their latest models, especially in the EU, where the Union has mandated a minimum fuel efficiency level for every manufacturer's entire range.

Precision parts are therefore required to ensure there is no fuel wastage. These components are specifically engineered to incredible levels of detail and uniformity, ensuring that engines run at maximum efficiency with minimal servicing. If you've recently bought a new car in the last three years, you'll probably have noticed that the levels of CO2 emissions are noticeably lower than your last car. This is all thanks to the work of CNC machining!

Another important industry that uses this advanced technology is the telecoms industry. Computer numerical controlled manufacturing is used to create the components found in the many telephony switch boxes across the world.