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How Rose Wines Are Made

Wednesday , 30, June 2021 Comments Off on How Rose Wines Are Made

According to the criteria of the wines, wines are divided into six main groups: red wines, white wines, rosés, sparkling wines, dessert wines, and liquor wines.

The main obvious difference between red and rosé wines is of course the color, which is deep and intense in red wines and pale and transparent in rosé wines. Knowing that red wine and rose wine can be made from the same grape variety, the question arises: How do you achieve color differences? Well, there is a common misconception that rosé wine is made by diluting or mixing a small amount of red wine with white wine. But when you do that, you get rosé wine, but technically you mix two types of wines and you have a wine made from two different types of grapes and it doesn't fit into the category of rosé wine.

The main difference between red wine and Australian rosé lies in the production technology. Since red wine and rose wine can be made from the same grape variety, color differences are achieved during the fermentation of grapes squeezed with the skins. Companies such as Eurowein can help you to buy rose wines at very affordable rates.


Red wines are fermented on the skins over a longer period of time from a few weeks to several months, which gives them their deep color. The opposite is true for rosé wines. Crushed grapes intended for the production of rosé wine are actually allowed to ferment with the skins for up to five days and then the liquid is filtered to remove the skins and fermentation can continue.