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How To Control Distances From a Bunker?

Tuesday , 7, April 2020 Comments Off on How To Control Distances From a Bunker?

Distance control from a bunker isn't easy to learn. In fact, it's one of the hardest things in golf to master. Golf instruction and reading golf tips help, but it takes practice to learn how to hit it close to the pin from different bunkers.

The perfect set-up for right-handed players is to aim left of the target, generating a slight fade. To produce it, adopt an open stance and an open club face at address, and then swing along your body line. You can also learn more about concrete bunkers by clicking at

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Green side Bunkers:

The key to making a good bunker shot green acceleration side. You need to accelerate through the shot until the club passed though the sand.

Bunkers with Tight Pins:

Green side bunkers with tight pins are really tough shots, especially if the sand is soft and fluffy. You can't ground your club in the bunker, but you can feel the sand with your shoes when you step in the bunker.

Longer Bunkers:

An alternative to hitting the traditional bunker shot is the bump and run. The theory is that you improve your distance control the sooner you get the ball out of the sand and onto the ground and rolling toward the target.

Fairway Bunker Shots:

The key to the fairway bunker shot is the body turn. The tendency with this shot is using your arms and hands only. You need a full body turn to get the distance you want from this shot. Therefore, you need to get your body in the act.