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Is Travel Water Purifier Safer Than Bottled Water?

Monday , 3, May 2021 Comments Off on Is Travel Water Purifier Safer Than Bottled Water?

The idea of a travel water purifier probably never crosses a lot of people's minds. Most of us are only concerned with purifying what we drink at home, or we have switched to drinking bottled inside and outside of the home. The first thing I want to say is that if you don't currently have a water purifier in your home you will need to get one, and also the other thing is drinking pre-packaged bottled H2O.

The H2O entering your house is not safe for you to drink, and neither is the things that all the bottling companies seek to sell you. The fact is that the regulations on bottlers are a lot more lenient than the regulations placed on the city treatment facilities, and you know how dangerous what is coming out of your tap is or you probably wouldn't be buying the bottled stuff. Allow me to tell you why purifying your own is the easiest way for you to go.

When you're planning on leaving the home and want to ensure that you have clean H2O to drink until you get home, then you should be filling up re-sealable glass bottles or stainless steel food grade aqua-canteens with water out of your home purification system. When you travel and do not have access to purified, then a travel water purifier is the answer.