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Key Factors to Consider When Buying Shoes For Toddler Boys

Tuesday , 29, March 2022 Comments Off on Key Factors to Consider When Buying Shoes For Toddler Boys

Buying shoes for young children is a minefield for any parent, but buying shoes for boys can be a real balancing act – you want to make sure they are comfortable, breathable, and supportive to support healthy foot growth, but you also wanted the shoe to be strong enough to meet the demands of an inquisitive and active boy!

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What to look for when buying shoes for a boy?

Shoes must fit! – Be sure to take your child for professional measurements and subsequent installation. Before buying shoes, encourage your child to take a walk around the store and warm their feet as much as possible before being measured. 

Maintenance – Shoes or boots should provide good support for the feet, ankles, and feet. At this stage of development, the entire body is growing at an incredible speed. Now, wearing shoes that are not properly cared for can lead to foot and back problems later in life.

Comfort – Shoes should be comfortable, with a soft upper and flexible sole that does not restrict foot movement or muscle development. Try and choose a model with padded lining, especially around the ankles and padded soles.

Breathable – Shoes with leather uppers and linings are best for hot, active children's feet because they allow cool air in and hot moist air out. This creates the best environment for foot growth and reduces the risk of smelly shoes and bacterial infections. 

Flexibility – The sole should be flexible enough, especially for novice hikers, as this helps develop leg muscles.

Adjustment – Toddler shoes should have sufficient adjustment straps to keep the shoes secure and comfortable on the feet. Make sure the rope is not too tight as this will limit growth.