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Latest Acne Scar Treatment With Microneedle Therapy

Tuesday , 7, June 2022 Comments Off on Latest Acne Scar Treatment With Microneedle Therapy

The purpose of treatment for acne is not only to lessen breakouts but also to prevent the formation of permanent acne scars. For people who've been in a state of calm for many years and the scars are often left. 

The permanent scars on the face particularly if it is visible and deep in the cheeks can cause a negative effect on confidence in oneself.

Different microneedling therapy have been utilized in the hope of reducing visible acne marks. Microdermabrasion has become popular because it is minimally invasive. Many treatments (20-25) are required for the best results.

The scars' depth decreases and a glowing appearance is more noticeable. Subcision can be used to cut fibers beneath the scar tissue in an attempt to remove the scars and scar tissue from the tissues. This can be useful to those with icepick scars. Additional filling using permanent or temporary dermal filler could be required for a skin-like surface.

The most effective treatment available has been laser Resurfacing. This is a method of destroying the skin's surface. If the epithelium is regenerated it is clean and free of scars. However, this can be an extremely painful procedure that requires a long recovery.

Three treatments, ranging from six to eight weeks apart (length of the growth cycle) are required for the best outcomes.

With the procedure and device chosen the downtime could be very minimal. The effects are progressive. Because the skin remains healthy it is not affected by an increase in exposure to the sun.