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Making Of Fused Glass Pendant Jewelry

Wednesday , 4, December 2019 Comments Off on Making Of Fused Glass Pendant Jewelry

Over the years the fused glass has been explored in the arts and crafts. It has developed into various types of goods, for example, home decor, bowls, and various kinds of jewelry. If the creation of jewelry is your passion, you might want to make a fused glass pendant using your artistic ability and a few art glass supplies like Olympic kilns.

Olympic Kiln 1414GFE

Get the materials and tools:

  • Kiln
  • Glass in sheets in your color choice
  • Cutting glass
  • Oil glass cutter
  • Glue
  • Wire
  • Nippers
  • Breaking pliers
  • Running pliers

Using a glass cutter and tweezers, cut sheet glass pieces into the desired shape. Putting together form the design you like glue to hold them together for a while.

Placing your design newly painted in the kiln. Keep going back and check your work periodically until you get the desired effect. Kiln temperature affects the results of the design. To get the 3D effect, use fused glass at a lower heat.

Gradually lowering the temperature of the kiln once you have achieved the desired look, allowing the fused glass to slowly cool down and then you can safely take a chunk out. Remove it immediately from the kiln will lead to cracking.

Once you have designed your pendant, the final step is to create a link that can be used to attach them to a necklace.