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Outdoor Swimming Is Fun But Is It Safe?

Wednesday , 6, January 2021 Comments Off on Outdoor Swimming Is Fun But Is It Safe?

If you are planning to swim in open water, it is a good idea to meet with other experienced swimmers and get advice or, if possible, join a swimming group or coach.

Here are some important points to remember before swimming outdoors:

Tell Someone

As with any outdoor expedition, it's always safer to tell someone where and when you are going. If possible, take your friends so they can watch you from the beach and sound the alarm if something goes wrong.


The open water temperature can be between 10 and 25 ° C, much cooler than that of a swimming pool. This can significantly change the way your body adapts, especially on very hot days. You can also buy kids swim hat via

Never jump into the water without adjusting your body first. Gently dip into the water, wetting your hands, face, and chest before fully entering. Before you start swimming, allow your breathing to return to normal and allow your body to adjust to the temperature of the water.

Find Your Way

In large areas of open water, navigation can be difficult because your line of sight is usually near water and the reference point is often far from shore. Get in the habit of checking your direction regularly as you swim and choosing a reference point that is highly visible, prominent, and fixed (like large buildings, etc.).


Weather conditions can vary greatly between swims or even during the same swim in open water. Some can be dangerous – for example, the wind can make the waves bigger and throw you off course, while the sun can block your view and put you at risk of sunburn.

Always check the weather forecast before swimming and never swim unless you are sure you can handle the conditions. When in doubt, stay outside and come back for another day!