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Procedures Covered Under a First Aid Certificate Course

Tuesday , 29, March 2022 Comments Off on Procedures Covered Under a First Aid Certificate Course

The Red Cross has courses that prepare you for a variety of first aid needs. You can find registration forms for these different classes on the Red Cross website, which will give you a specific first aid certification. 

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and an automated external AED defibrillator in addition to first aid certification meet the needs of school staff, workplace workers, professional emergency response technicians, and healthcare providers. 

You can opt for an advanced first aid certification course at

The general public is also strongly encouraged to be trained and certified in first aid. First aid certification is essential when:

• Your employer requests this certificate;

• you are a rescue service assigned to your workplace;

• you believe that you must be fully prepared for any type of emergency;

• you exercise and work with young people;

• You just want the confidence to support your family in an emergency.

Red Cross training follows OSHA guidelines and all courses include lectures, interactive videos and hands-on training. This certification covers trainees in recognizing and treating cuts and abrasions, burns, sudden illnesses that can include life-threatening problems, neck and back injuries, head injuries, and emergencies in both hot and cold temperatures. 

These courses and guides cover topics:

• Injury assessment. Help you understand what type of injury it is.

• Spinal and head and neck injuries and stabilization of the patient.

• Hot and cold emergencies focus on temperature fluctuations and how these fluctuations affect first aid.