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Quick Guide To Reflexology

Wednesday , 8, January 2020 Comments Off on Quick Guide To Reflexology

Reflexology can be done on the feet, hands, face, and even ears. Foot reflexology is the most popular, and many reflexologists believe that the sensitivity of the feet, making them particularly suitable for treatment. Reflexology hand exercises can be given to clients to use the treatment as 'homework'.

Reflexology is torture if you are amused

As soon as you relax, you will find that the company, assured touch that is used by the therapist does not tickle. I never lost a client because they find amusement medication, and many people are bracing themselves for a trial has been very surprised. You can know more about reflexology via

Before starting treatment, reflexology will examine your feet. If they feel you may need treatment from chiropodist or doctor for foot conditions or corn, for example, they will tell you. In addition, they are there to do a job and do not judge your feet, or indeed you are.

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Again, reflexology you have nothing to judge you. We all lead busy lives and there is always a chance to wash your feet before your appointment. Most reflexologists will freshen up the foot of the client before starting treatment.

Reflexologists are not trained to diagnose and do not claim to cure medical conditions. We do not have medical training, and in case it is the duty of your doctor. Having said this, reflexology naturally supports the body, mind, and emotions and allows them to heal on their own, and may have some stunning results.