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Reasons of Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Treatments

Wednesday , 25, November 2020 Comments Off on Reasons of Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Treatments

If the wisdom teeth are not completely out of the gum known as wisdom teeth are impacted. It is very common and does not cause problems or illness for most people. Most of us have four, two on top and two on the bottom corner. This is also known as third molars. They usually appear between the ages of 18-24.

The impacted wisdom teeth still embedded in the gums more than the usual time. This may be due to population density. Although they usually do not cause problems, sometimes mesioangular impacted wisdom teeth because the impact of swelling and pain could not open his mouth, bad breath and have a bad taste in the mouth. You can know more about wisdom teeth extraction from various web sources.

Another common condition with them is pericoronitis. It is an infection caused by the surrounding tissue of teeth that are not entirely outside the gums and not positioned correctly. This is because food particles and bacteria can be collected under the gums and cause local infections.

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Why does one have teeth that are impacted? Although they thrive like other teeth, they take a very long time to come out and they were the last to appear as well. Sometimes the jaw is too small and cause overcrowding of teeth with literally not enough room for the wisdom teeth.

How to make if you have an impacted tooth? You will have bad breath, gums or jaw bones will be soft, swelling of the jaw, a bad taste in the mouth, lymph nodes can be swollen, you may have an infection in the mouth, pain when you swallow food, tumor development, difficulties when opening the mouth etc. There are various ways in which you can treat the affected teeth.