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Selecting The Best Mold Testing Kit For Your Home

Wednesday , 28, July 2021 Comments Off on Selecting The Best Mold Testing Kit For Your Home

It is important to determine the type of mold you find in your home before you attempt any kind of cleanup. Many molds can cause minor allergic reactions such as itchy eyes or headaches. Some molds can be toxic and should be handled by professionals.

There are many home mold testing tools available to help you determine the type of mold in your home. There are many kits that can perform a specific type of test, so it is not easy to make a decision. You can get more information about mold testing via

Below are three types of mold testing kits and explanations of their use:

The Lift Tape Mold Test Kit

If you're not sure if the substance you found is mold, but want to confirm the strain, this mold test kit is the best. This tool can be used for testing the surfaces of floors and walls as well as ceilings and furniture. The mold testing kit is easy to use. Simply peel off the adhesive tape and place the sticky side on the mold surface. 

The Instant Mold Test Kit

The mold testing kit will quickly confirm – in about 10 minutes, to be more exact – than the growth you are worried about is mold. It will not reveal the type of mold. You will still need to have laboratory analysis to determine if it is harmful or toxic to your health.

This mold testing kit is again very easy to use. The tube will contain the swab. Be sure to not touch the end of it. Then, use the swab to clean the area. After shaking the tube, let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then match the color with the chart that is in the kit.