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Setting Up Your Tropical Fish Tank Correctly

Monday , 9, November 2020 Comments Off on Setting Up Your Tropical Fish Tank Correctly

Steps for setting up a tropical aquarium are explained in detail below. Solutions are given for tanks, heating systems, lighting systems, ventilation and filtration, and aquascaping.

1. Solutions For Tanks

Determine the size of the tank you want and what material it is made of. Choose between glass and acrylic with or without a metal frame. Acrylic is lighter but tends to scratch. You don't want a tank that is less than 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 12 inches deep unless you buy it as a hospital, quarantine, or breeding tank. You can also buy tunze usa 3155.000 automatic top off osmolator for aquariums online.

2. Heating System

If you are not planning to just keep the fish in cold water, then you will need to install a heater and a thermostat (separate or combined). Often a glass tube is used in which both are inserted with temperature control at the top and a separate thermometer is installed.

3. Lighting System

Lighting is necessary for plant growth and shows the best color of the fish. For this purpose, fluorescent tubes are available which give off less heat than other types of lamps. The lamp is usually installed on the tank cap. And remember, fish don't want the tank to run for 24 hours.

4. Aeration And Filtration

An air pump is not absolutely necessary. If you have used up more oxygen (and therefore more fish) in your tank and failed, your fish will die! But it can also be used in combination with a water filter.

5. Aquascape Tank

The decorations include real stone, synthetic stone, real wood, synthetic wood, and a panoramic backdrop. They serve as a hiding place for fish and as a shelter if they wish. Also as a resting place at night or during the day for nocturnal species.