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Split gate Override Switch Safely Prevents Damage Of Tailgate

Wednesday , 7, July 2021 Comments Off on Split gate Override Switch Safely Prevents Damage Of Tailgate

Don't worry if your wife or girlfriend picks up your truck for fear that the tailgate might accidentally drop and cause damage! 

The structural problem with the new 6 way multipro tailgate is that the center door is lowered to a 90-degree angle and therefore actually comes into contact with the drawbar on the forklift mount, causing costly damage such as paint scratches, dents in the tailgate, or worse.  You can also buy the best splitgate override switch for your tailgate through various websites.

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This problem is known to both truck owners and manufacturers, as indicated on the tailgate warning sticker. Who wants to remember not to lower the center door when using the tailgate?

Fortuitously, this difficulty is fixed with the Splitgate override switch! With two choices present, the Manual Engage and Auto Engage versions allow the enjoyment of not having to disturb about the tailgate unexpectedly dropping again! 

After installation, the switch identifies potential faults and automatically disengages the power supply to the step function in the center of the tailgate.

The switch automatically protects the back of this famous 6-way multipro and eliminates all risks and hazards. You may want to remember not to remove the tailgate while your device is plugged in, but others may NOT. Forget it once and you will damage your truck. 

After all, the product solves a problem that GM engineers seem to ignore! It is easy to install, so doesn't wait any longer! Preserve your lovely new truck and evade possible damage NOW by picking up Splitgate Override Switch TODAY!