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The Advantage of the Li-Ion Laptop Battery

Friday , 20, March 2020 Comments Off on The Advantage of the Li-Ion Laptop Battery

The development of the Li-ion battery comes from lithium battery, so before introducing the Li-ion battery, let us introduce the lithium battery. As the carbon negative electrode was layered structure, it has a lot of micros, to the lithium-ion on the anode embedded in the pores of the carbon layer, the more embedded lithium-ion, the higher the charge capacity.

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Similarly, when the battery discharged, embedded in the negative ion of carbon has a higher discharge capacity. In Li-ion charging and discharging process, lithium-ion is from the positive to negative and then to a positive state of motion.

Li-ion is like a rocking chair, having both ends of the bipolar battery, and lithium-ion rocking back and forth as players do run. Therefore, it is also known as Li-ion rocking chair battery.

Li-ion battery has the following advantages:

1. Single battery voltage as high as 3.6-3.8V.

2. Energy than the large, the actual ratio of current to achieve energy 100-115Wh/Kg and 240-253Wh/L (2 times than the Ni-Cad battery, 1.5 times than the Ni-Mh battery). As technology development, specific energy will up to 150Wh/Kg and 400Wh/L.

3. Long cycle life, it can reach 500 times more than normal, some even 1000 times. For small current discharge of electrical appliances, battery lifespan will double the electrical competitiveness.