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The Guide To Visa Types And Work Permit Requirements

Monday , 18, October 2021 Comments Off on The Guide To Visa Types And Work Permit Requirements

Depending on your circumstances, you can apply for a variety of Australian visa types. Your profession is the best way to get a temporary or permanent residence permit in Australia. You may be eligible for one of Australia’s many work permit visas depending on your career. There are visas available for skilled workers, those who participate in certain activities, highly skilled workers, and others. 

The Commonwealth offers many visa options for professionals if you're a worker who wants to apply for an Australian Visa. These visas may even allow you to obtain permanent or temporary residency for yourself and your eligible family members. However, there are so many companies that help people in getting employer-sponsored Australian Visa – AustraliaMigrate for working and living there.

Employer Sponsored Visas - Think Higher Consultants

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Australia's immigration point system could also help you obtain a visa. This section will provide information on Australia's visa application process and the details for each type of permit. You will also find all information about visa fees and requirements for Australia.

Work Permits and Employment-Based Visas:

Australia offers work permits and employment-based Visas to different types of skilled workers who are coming to Australia for job-related reasons. The following are some work visas for skilled professionals.

  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Regional Sponsored Migrant Scheme (RSMS visa)
  • Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Temporary Skill-Shortage visa
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional Visa)
  • Temporary work (International Relations) visa

These visas are not the only ones available to Australia. Australia also offers a Permanent Visa for those who wish to establish or develop a business in Australia. Learn more about this visa type in the Self-Employment Visas Section below.

  • Skilled workers
  • People who take part in certain activities
  • Highly skilled workers
  • Short-term trainees
  • Experienced businesspeople
  • Investors