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The History of Plumbing

Tuesday , 21, April 2020 Comments Off on The History of Plumbing


When it comes to survival, living organisms require water. With the help of plumbing, water can reach us in a more efficient manner. When it comes to the history of plumbing, it was the Greeks, Persians, Indians, Romans and Chinese who introduced the art of plumbing for providing public baths, irrigate the crops, offer portable water and more. Let’s go back a few years in order to understand about the history of plumbing.

  1. The first plumbing pipes were made with the use of straw and baked clay. While the Egyptians were the first to make copper pipes. Moreover, the Egyptians also had dug wells at feet of 300 which later gave rise to the invention of water wheel.
  2. When it comes to understanding the science of hot and cold running water, it was the Greeks who mastered the concept. The Greeks were the ones who invented the shower technology for their athletes after Olympic games
  3. When it comes to building channels to transport water from mountains to a city, it was accomplished by the Romans.
  4. Queen Elizabeth 1 received the first flushable toilet as a gift from John Harington. However, it is said that she was literally scared for using it due to the sound of the rushing water it made.
  5. J.F. Brondel was the first to invent valve-type flush toilet in the year 1738.
  6. The first modern toilet was patented in the year 1775 by Alexander Cumming.

This is a brief history on plumbing. Due to the history, you can find the best plumber in Coffs Harbour area.