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Use RGB LED Controller To Control Holiday Lighting

Thursday , 22, October 2020 Comments Off on Use RGB LED Controller To Control Holiday Lighting

As soon as an important holiday is coming, many families will decorate their homes with colorful lights like RGB LED strip lights, ribbons, and tape lights, which could greatly improve the atmosphere and create the perfect mood.  

Additionally, a fantastic RGB LED strip light with remote control plays an extremely important role also. The control allows the LED lights to operate with dynamic changing patterns and be dimmed to a suitable brightness that is acceptable for the holiday.  

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Various kinds of RGB controllers can be found on the current market, you need to select the right one based on the lights that you want to install. RGB LED lamps can be found in both DC and AC input.  

For indoor use, the DC version is ideal and reliable. For outside use, the AC version can be more appropriate.It is dependent upon your requirements. As an example, LED strip lights are available with DC 12V-24V input and AC 100V-240V input variation, and for outdoor use, a watertight AC version is necessary.  

Once affirmed the lamp type, it is possible to choose RGB LED control now.  For the AC version, the control must include AC input and output. 

For the DC version, a DC input and output control, and an AC-DC power source for the controller as well are required, please be aware that the DC model varies with continuous voltage output and continuous current output, be certain to pick a perfect one for your lamps.