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What biomechanical factor lead to an injury in runners?

Saturday , 22, February 2020 Comments Off on What biomechanical factor lead to an injury in runners?

Running injuries are simply caused by doing too much running beyond just what the body can take. However, runners need to press harder whenever they need to reach better outcomes. However, pushing too much before the body getting the possibility to get comfortable with running so hard suggests that there is an increased threat for injury. There's a fine line involving running hard to boost running speeds and working very hard that an injury arises. In addition to that issue of the way the workload of the athlete is monitored, there are a selection of additional factors that may increase the possibility of overuse injury. These could be the utilisation of the incorrect athletic shoes as well as there could be inbuilt alignment factors affecting the way in which the runner really runs. Running strategy is currently regarded as a vital concern in overuse injury causes as well as reduction. In an episode of the podiatry live, PodChatLive, the hosts discussed through these topics with the physiotherapist, Stacey Meardon, PT, PhD. The hosts and Stacey outlined some of her research which has looked at those dysfunctional risk factors for overuse injury, especially the step width adjustment for medial stress syndrome and knee pain. There were also some excellent clinical gems to consider when a runner presents in your clinic with a presumed bone stress injury.

Stacey Meardon is a Physical Therapist and Assistant Professor at East Carolina University in the USA. Her primary research pursuits include neuromuscular and also biomechanical variables that contribute to injuries in runners. The leading purpose of Stacey's scientific studies are to prevent injury within the active groups looking to optimize long term bone and joint fitness in addition to remove any kind of hindrances to exercise. Her scientific studies are primarily aimed at determining alignment factors which bring about exercise related injury and elevated tissue stress in the course of exercising to make sure that interventions that clinicians may improve alignment factors connected with running injury, decrease pain, in addition to strengthen functionality.