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What is White Tea?

Monday , 5, April 2021 Comments Off on What is White Tea?

Tea drinking has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Of course, in many parts of the planet, tea has overwhelmingly been the foremost popular drink for hundreds of years. But, today we're finding that tea remains gaining new fans; many of them abandoning their coffee and switching to tea for its health benefits and lower caffeine content.

Because there has been a renewed interest in tea generally , we have seen tons of latest trends in tea drinking, as well. One among the most recent and hottest immediately is white tea. White tea features a light, sweet taste and is one among the foremost refreshing teas you'll drink. it's many health benefits, too, but many of us haven't even heard of it. You can also get more information on the benefits of white tea via online resources. 

White tea comes from an equivalent plant as other teas, tea. However, it's harvested much before other teas, before the leaves are fully open. Now within the growing process, the tea buds are still covered by fine white hair, hence the name white tea.

In addition to being harvested at a special time than other teas, white tea is different because, like tea , it undergoes little or no processing, and isn't fermented. The leaves are simply steamed then dried. Sometimes, tea harvesters will even steam the leaves right within the field, then allow them to dry within the sun. This helps protect the fragile flavor of white tea.

There is typically less white tea grown and harvested than other sorts of tea. Due to this, it tends to be costlier than black, green and oolong teas. In fact, historically, white tea was reserved for use at the very best tea ceremonies, like those for dignitaries or wedding teas. Today, though, white tea has gained such popularity that it's likely we'll see tea growers designating more of their harvest to white tea.