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What to Expect in a Hostel?

Friday , 20, September 2019 Comments Off on What to Expect in a Hostel?


If you have not stayed in a hostel before, you will be a little surprised at the things you will get. Hostels are a great way to stay, and save money on your trip. However, it’s better that you know what to expect in a hostel, so you are mentally prepared.  

Shared Rooms – Forget about having a room all to yourself. Hostel rooms are shared rooms. Most hostels rooms are separated by gender, but there are a few hostels that allow bothgenders to share the rooms. 

Bunk Beds – If the rooms are shared, it’s only natural that you'd’ have a bunk bed. They are space saving, and surprisingly comfortable. The only thing you have to worry about is getting out of bed. Make sure you don't fall down or bang your head on the top bunk. 

Common Bathrooms – The bathrooms are common but separate for different genders. So, forget the long showers and leisurely bathroom time, you have to get done quickly so as to not inconvenience others. 

Common Room – This is like a communal place where you can gather and interact with others. There are sofas, chairs, benches and a few tables here. There also may be televisions in this room for everyone to watch. 

Smoking Rooms – Smoking is not allowed in public places, so there are separate smoking rooms where you can quickly grab a smoke. 

Hostels are mostly for young people who are not really bothered with amenities. However, any good hostel in Thailand will have the above-mentioned things, and few more amenities to make a great and comfy stay.