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What to Expect on a Zip Line Excursion?

Friday , 20, May 2022 Comments Off on What to Expect on a Zip Line Excursion?


If you are looking to take a break from lounging at the beach and want to put some excitement into your day take a zip line tour. Zip lining is an excellent way to get both your nature and adventure fix. Most of the tours you will find in the Caribbean will take you through the canopy of a jungle and involve a moderate hike. Zip lining definitely provides an adrenaline rush. You can take a zip line course via

Frequently Asked Questions | FLG X Adventure Zip Lines in Tampa

Time:Expect to spend about half a day on a zip line tour. Much of the time is spent on the bus ride, the hike, and waiting in the lines. The zips themselves are pretty fast.

Cost: Most zip line tours are going to run you around $80-$100 which includes transfer from your hotel.

Tour: Once you get to launch platform a guide will strap you in and as soon as you lift your feet they will set you free. During the initial few feet you will drop down a little bit, this is supposed to happen so don’t worry. Approaching the end of the zip line it will look as if you are about to hit the tree in front of you, but you won’t.

There are braking systems that both the user as well as the guides can control and a guide will be at the end to help you with your landing. Some tours focus mainly on just straight zips while others may get a little more adventurous with straight down rappels or angled zips.