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Why Accessible Websites Are Good For All?

Saturday , 9, January 2021 Comments Off on Why Accessible Websites Are Good For All?

Often zero consideration is given to disabled or impaired users of the internet. Government Acts, like Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and various other legislation requires federal agencies to be handicapped-accessible. Unfortunately, U.S businesses have been slow to catch up. You can also look for the ADA Site Compliance via various online sources.

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Approximately 15% of the American population has some sort of disability or impairment. Aside from the moral and ethical reasons why websites should be accessible, 15% is quite a large market of people to ignore.

It is important to note that when discussing disabilities we are discussing more then blindness, we are also addressing visually impaired users, users with tunnel vision, farsightedness, hearing impaired, and those who are physically disabled. Disabilities cross multiple generations, sub-cultures, and income levels and therefore there is a high likelihood that disabled users have tried to access your company's website at some point.

Why there is a problem?

Many interactive agencies ignore important and critical areas like usability, content structure, and content organization. Each of these areas is the core component of good design and development practices. Without these practices, accessibility becomes impossible to implement. 

How to fix the problem?

Use screen readers to navigate your website, it will greatly help in understanding how those with disabilities navigate. It will certainly make you more sensitive to using ALT text and text based alternative navigation. The added benefit, it will help you in those coveted search results.