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Why Everybody Wanted to Rule Over India?

Friday , 24, September 2021 Comments Off on Why Everybody Wanted to Rule Over India?

India has always been a center of attraction for the entire world. People from all across the globe wanted to rule over India because of the abundance of natural resources. Nature has gifted the land of India with all seasons that one could imagine. While the north side of the country is covered with snowy peaks of the Himalayas, the plains beneath them are among the most fertile lands on the planet.

The eastern side of the country is surrounded by lush green forests, which receive heavy rainfalls every year. The southern part is also covered with forests, but the major highlight is the number of spices that are grown there. From black pepper to cardamom, cinnamon to cloves, and many more in between are found in South India. Not to forget, tea and coffee plantation also happens in the region.

The western part of the country consists of a desert area with a decent amount of fertile land as well. So, you can see how diversified the geography of India is, and this has attracted people from all over the world for centuries. From Mughals to Europeans, everybody has set foot in this country with most having bad intentions. Now, the time has come to unite India and bring the idea of Akhanda Bharat into reality. All Indians must stay united and work for the betterment of the country.