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Why Slate Is Better for Roofs

Wednesday , 12, January 2022 Comments Off on Why Slate Is Better for Roofs

The word "slate" conjures images of blackboards, old-fashioned slate signs, tourist-friendly slate caverns, and slate gifts. Few people think about the durability and effectiveness of slate as a roofing material. 

This unassuming stone is one of the most durable roof options available, however; some slate roofs have been around for centuries. While asphalt shingles may currently be popular due to their low cost, slate is still better for roofs. Here's a look at why it makes an excellent roofing choice. 

You can also use penrhyn welsh slate for your home.

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Slate shingles have been used on roofs in Australia for hundreds of years. They provide a classic look that modern imitations simply can't match. Roofing slates come in a wide range of natural colors, from classic black, grey, and brown to greenish and even purple tones. 

Over time, the slate weathers, picking up its own unique characteristics. Machine-made roof coverings tend to look the same until they wear out and must be thrown away.

Whether a slate roof is made using traditional hook-fixing or nailing, it will last much longer than almost any other type of roof. Slate shingles can stay weathertight for 80 to 100 years with only minimal maintenance. Even when a roof reaches this age, it rarely needs to be completely replaced.

Most slate roofs require some work as they age, but many slate-roofed cathedrals and mansions have survived to be hundreds of years old.