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Woolen Rugs can be Manufactured in a Variety of Styles

Wednesday , 18, December 2019 Comments Off on Woolen Rugs can be Manufactured in a Variety of Styles

There is something cozy and homely about having the wool untidy carpet or other types of carpet wool at home. wool rugs add a certain warmth to the room and the colors you choose can change the entire look of a room. wool untidy rugs may be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but you will find the cost worthwhile.


There are four types of the woolen carpet construction. Best Vintage Area Rugs Shop Online is recommended for all wool carpets. If the user does not over the carpet, carpet pad multi-purpose recommended.


In a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation, and then tied the thread wrapped around each warp thread. Each thread then hand-cut and hand-compacted to form a stack built closely. This time and attention to detail by expert craftsmen create a beautiful carpet that has lasting value and presence.


Various appearance and texture, from a plush untidy carpet for a versatile, cotton carpet fabric is achieved by the use of a loom. The combination of colors and thickness of the yarn intricate handwoven to create a contemporary or traditional design. Every step of the construction is hand-finished by skilled craftsmen.


All rugs and carpets have some sort of support. Support carpet system contains the following elements: a primary backing, the adhesive chemistry, and often secondary backing. Do carpets have a secondary backing carpet depends on the end-use and location of the installation?

Carpets for high-performance end uses generally have a primary backing and the secondary backing. Carpets for low traffic areas may only have a latex layer, a secondary backing or cushion attached to the main polypropylene support.